An Ontario man has been arrested after allegedly selling cocaine and raking in more than $1 million in profits. Jeffrey Wright, 34, was taken into custody last Thursday after police had been conducting surveillance for the past 3 months after reports of “a heavily tattooed man” selling drugs in downtown Toronto, according to a news release from Toronto Police Department.

Wright is accused of selling powered cocaine to high level business men in downtown Toronto in extremely large quantities. According to a confidential informant, Wright once told him he could get him, “as much you need, no amount is too much”. When police executed the search warrant of Wright’s car, apartment and storage unit, they found over $750,000 in USD, two ak-47’s, 15.5 kilos of cocaine with a street value of around $500,000, and 3 pounds of marijuana. Police also seized Wrights 3 vehicles (a 2017 Range Rover, 2015 BMW M7 and a 2016 Mercedes AMG S65) and his house. Wright was officially charged with trafficking a Class A substance (2 counts), possession of a firearm by a felon, unlawful possession of a firearm, endangerment to a minor and other related charges.

While in court, the Honorable Judge Smithers asked the defendant Jeffrey Wright what he spent the rest of his profits from illicit drug dealing and Wright responded, “I spent easily over a mill on my tattoos. I like to artistically represent myself.” Wright’s lawyer, Ray Burns, immediately tried to to stop his client as he was answering and was quick to tell the judge his client was just trying to make a joke in an extremely difficult time in his life. “While my client clearly understands the seriousness of these charges levied against him, he has always tried to see the positive and light in all situations. Mr. Wright has had to face a life full of adversary and has always looked to brighten any situation he is in by using comedy. By no means is this any admission of guilt.”

Judge Smithers did not seem to accept Mr. Burns answer and sentenced Wright to be held without bail. Currently, Wright is facing multiple life sentences for his litany of crimes. If Jeffrey Wright continues to have this type of comedic outburst at his court hearings, this is quickly going to become a must watch.

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