Fourteen days before previous Patriots tight end Aaron Hernandez hanged himself in his Massachusetts imprison cell, he’d kidded about suicide to his closest companion in jail, a legal counselor told correspondents Wednesday.

“I believe will hang it up LOL,” Hernandez kept in touch with jailhouse bestie Kyle Kennedy, Kennedy’s legal counselor told correspondents.

Kennedy trusted Hernandez was kidding at the time, said the attorney, Lawrence Army Jr.

Seven days after Hernandez’s suicide, Kennedy, 22, remains the focal point of hypothesis, energized a week ago by records in Newsweek distinguishing him as Hernandez’s jailhouse significant other, and the planned beneficiary of one of three suicide takes note of that the previous Patriots tight end had penned.

Kennedy now needs his own particular minute in the spotlight, declaring through his legal advisor Wednesday that he will soon depict their relationship “to the world.”

“He needs those words to come straightforwardly from his mouth to the world,” Kennedy’s attorney told journalists.

Kennedy trusts he’s the last individual to see Hernandez alive, and stays stunned by the suicide, the legal advisor said.

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“At some point he by and by will talk about the relationship,” Army said of Kennedy, frustrating a room loaded with press that had been guaranteed a depiction of the relationship following quite a while of theory.

Armed force would just say Wednesday that Hernandez and Kennedy were “dear companions,” shared a “cozy relationship,” and had asked jail authorities back in September to give them a chance to share a cell.

That ask for had been affirmed, just to be repealed because of the size dissimilarity between the solid Hernandez and the more modest Kennedy, who is serving time for furnished burglary, Army said.

“So that if a fight breaks out, there is in any event the presence of value,” Army clarified of the decide that kept them separated.

Kennedy made a few different demands through the legal counselor, including to be liberated from prohibitive suicide watch and to see Hernandez’s suicide note.

The note does not have Kennedy’s name on it, and is on occasion “ambiguous,” yet Kennedy trusts it was implied for him and utilizations a jailhouse code that he would comprehend, Army said.

Kennedy additionally needs ownership of a custom, $50,000 watch he says Hernandez guaranteed to give him, Army said. The watched was guaranteed keep going August on Kennedy’s 22nd birthday, the legal advisor stated, surrendering that the guarantee was just made verbally.

Kennedy is expected to be discharged as right on time as next February.

The legal advisor likewise indicated correspondents an exploded passage of a letter that Hernandez wrote to Kennedy’s dad, in which Hernandez said of Kennedy, “He’s my sibling and he generally will be.”

Kennedy will expand on his association with Hernandez once he is taken off suicide watch and has entry to the media, the legal advisor said.

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