Apple is famously cryptic about what it’s concocting in those labs in Cupertino. Lamentably for Apple, and luckily for us, bits of gossip and breaks dependably appear to secretive surface all of a sudden. A valid example: an as of late released occurrence report procured by Gizmodo focuses to the organization conceivably dealing with some form of “smartglasses,” like the fizzled Google Glass analyze.

The report is loaded with many episodes—extending from stubbed toes to minor consumes—however two, specifically, emerge. Every episode references workers encountering eye torment in the wake of utilizing another model unit, including one example that required “therapeutic treatment past medical aid” in light of the fact that the representative was all the while seeing laser flashes. Wow.

Notices of the model are sufficiently unclear to keep away from any unmistakable sign of what it could be, however Apple CEO Tim Cook has communicated an enthusiasm for expanded reality some time recently, so it isn’t excessively of an extend to think it could be a couple of smartglasses.

There’s no telling when or in the event that we’ll ever observe Apple’s thought on AR glasses. Organizations put years and a great many dollars into fizzled gadgets constantly. However with the rising prominence of equipment like the HTC Vive VR headset and recreations like Pokemon Go, you never know. Possibly Tim Cook will brandish keen glasses with the notorious Apple logo when he makes that big appearance to report the iPhone 8

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