After the releases, it’s authentic: Call of Duty is coming back to World War II, particularly, from the looks of things, the European theater and Normandy. We’ll be taking after the Big Red One, otherwise known as the first Infantry Division, which has seen nonstop administration since the US got into World War I and has some genuinely storied history behind it.

The trailer makes it quite obvious that we won’t hop the world over or jumping theaters, not at all like the globe-spreading over Battlefield 1 and its thought on WWI. Honestly, that bodes well in the event that they’re staying with the first. That division was the leading the pontoons at Normandy, and battled the Nazis crosswise over France in a progressing hostile before laying attack to Aachen, which is apparently where the amusement winds things up. Amid World War II, the division earned 16 Medals of Honor, likewise something that is probably going to come up amid the battle.

With respect to the establishment’s arrival to the war that brought forth it, and the Nazi-executing that made its name, one expectations that Sledgehammer and Activision will endeavor to give the diversion somewhat more profundity. All things considered, there’s a reason such a large number of men from the first kicked the bucket to free France.

(via YouTube)

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