Everything from Land Rovers to Lotii left the LA woodwork and stopped on the garden at Woodley Park in Van Nuys, California, Sunday – more than 350 autos, trucks and cruisers from Jolly Old.

“God Save Her Majesty,” we said to whomever would tune in as we walked around the show. “The sun never sets on the British Empire!”

It sets on Lucas electrics, obviously, and we got notification from no less than one companion whose Lotus made it to inside a mile of the recreation center some time recently, as it’s been said, kicking the bucket. It went home on a flatbed while never making the show. What number of miserable stories were there Sunday morning? We shant know. Of that specific Lotus, Shakespeare may have forseen when he expressed, “Life’s however a mobile shadow, a poor player that struts and fusses his hour upon the stage … ”

Be that as it may, how about we not hose the spirits of this chipper yearly assembling, and it was sprightly. The on location DJ impacted tunes from The British Invasion throughout the day and there was tea accessible at one of the nourishment trucks. Every one of that was missing was a visit from sovereignty. The Queen of the Queen’s English is Tina Van Curen, who, alongside spouse Chuck Forward and a British regiment of volunteers, puts on this demonstrate each year. This is a similar gathering that puts on The Best of France and Italy in a similar area each fall.

The autos at both shows are not really concours quality, which is the thing that makes this show so uncommon. Drive whatever you think will make it to Van Nuys. There are no honors here and no judging, simply bring what you could swing and do your thing, as they may have said in London in the swinging ’60s. Which permits autos as phenomenally beat up as the Rat-E, a Jaguar E-Type convertible that made it to the show under its own particular power regardless of rust, broke down paint and plastic junk packs for seat upholstery. It was radiant.

There was a Reliant Robin, as well, a Lotus 11, Sunbeam Tigers, Rollers, Rovers and MGAs in abundance. Jay Leno even brought a Bentley. This year, on account of the dry spell intruding on rain all winter, there was even green grass on the ground. The most recent quite a while have seen the autos of England stopped not on a “sacrosanct plot” but rather on dry season initiated earth. In any case, think not upon these wastes of time, a great auto show is to be appreciated and loved. As the Bard stated, “There is a tide in the undertakings of men, Which taken at the surge, leads on to fortune. Discarded, all the voyage of their life is bound in shallows and in tragedies. On such a full ocean are we now above water. What’s more, we should take the present when it serves, or lose our endeavors.”

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