Uber’s awful, not under any condition awesome 2017 just got an entire whale of a great deal more regrettable. However, this time, by one means or another, the issue isn’t human collaborations in the work environment, yet self-driving autos out and about.

On Friday, photographs presented on Twitter uncovered a Uber self-driving auto flipped over on its side subsequent to being required in a fender bender in Tempe, Arizona.

The credibility of the photograph of a harmed Uber self-driving Volvo laying on its side, posted by Fresco News, was affirmed by Uber by means of a Bloomberg news report.

Subtle elements haven’t been uncovered with respect to whether there were any people in the self-driving auto or whether whatever other drivers out and about were truly harmed.

Yet, what this tells us is that the hard-charging, soften every one of the principles up administration of development ethos that drives quite a bit of Silicon Valley goes to pieces when you’re discussing human lives instead of a basic programming glitch on an informing application.

Revealing a beta is one thing when you’re discussing informal organizations, however this is genuine living, and the outcomes of disappointment are actually life and passing.

Uber chosen to move its self-driving auto tests from San Francisco to Arizona back in December. As of late, new reports have uncovered that Uber didn’t appear to be extremely intrigued by taking after the rules laid out by the California Department of Motor Vehicles. In those days, no less than one video had as of now caught a Uber self-driving auto hazardously abusing San Francisco movement laws.

Uber’s likewise trying its self-driving autos in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

Obviously, this is quite recently the most recent in a progression of enormous hits to the organization’s validity as of late including continuous charges of a sexist working environment and prominent takeoffs of its top officials, to state nothing of today’s embarrassment of the morning (goodness, only a fizzled conceal including escorts in Seoul).

Along these lines, Uber, not having the greatest day. You can sort of say that watching the organization move through a news cycle is a bit like…watching a (self-driving) fender bender?

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