Tesla Inc is taking deposits for solar roof tiles which will be delivered this summer. What makes this exciting though is its affordability.

Beginning with 2 of the styles shown in October, smooth and textured glass, interested homeowners are putting down $1,000 deposits.

According to Tesla’s website calculator, a 1,200 square-foot, 2 story home in Connecticut would cost $33,700 without the nearly $10k tax credit.

Though it seems expensive, if you need to replace your roof anyways, the price is comparable to tiles already on the market. It is more up front, but if you consider the savings to your monthly electric bill, it is worth it. It’s even better if you think of the price of replacing a roof with standard materials than mounting external solar panels.

The rooftop shingles LOOK nice too, the textured ones nearly indistinguishable from standard materials with panels hidden in the dark glass surface.

source: Tesla

Tesla’s Fremont solar power plant in California is the beginning production location. Eventually it will shift to a brand new factory in Buffalo, New York.

Low production capabilities will be the only limiting factor as these awesome panels are released.

The only negative right now is that traditional solar panels ARE cheaper than replacing your entire roof, but in terms of aesthetics, the new panels look awesome.

And on the money front, the roof will have a lifetime warranty.


AND they are set to the toughest standard for a rough, withstanding forces much stronger than say their terracotta competitors.

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